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Web-based Political Science Teaching and Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Resource (TLR) Version 2.0

X4L SDiT Survey Data in Teaching: enhancing critical thinking and data numeracy

This project aims to increase the use of real data sources held within the JISC portfolio of HE/FE research, teaching and learning resources in the classroom. A grander mission is to improve the data literacy of GCE A level and university students to:

X4L SDiT uses the study of crime in society to show how existing data sources can be utilised, and as such, this project is relevant to a range of social science disciplines, such as sociology, politics, psychology and media studies. The project is also relevant to citizenship studies.

The resources can be used for A level syllabi but are also highly applicable for undergraduate and postgraduate learning.


The outputs from the project are a variety of free teaching and learning resources relating to social science and statistics. The materials are based on learning strategies that encourage the teaching of research methods within a substantive context.

These pre-prepared materials can save teachers considerable time and effort, and also offer ideas of how to utilise data sources data in their own teaching.

Teaching and learning modules

The teaching and learning modules are designed to be used as part of standard classroom teaching or as additional/self-paced learning activities.

The modules are available in a variety of formats:

resource picture  resource picture

X4L SDiT will contribute to the planned JISC repository of teaching and learning materials.

Databases for teaching

A cut-down version of the Home Office-funded British Crime Survey 2000 data has been produced for use in the classroom and is freely available to students and teachers.

Students can investigate issues and methods using ‘live’ data. Teaching datasets for other UK surveys are also available from the UK Data Archive (UKDA).

Data access

The data may be accessed in two ways:

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How can you help?

We are gathering feedback from teachers and students on the relevance, usefulness and general applicability of these kinds of web-based data and learning resources.If you would like to participate in evaluating the resources please contact:

X4L SDiT Project
Uk Data Archive
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Essex CO4 3SQ

Download the X4L SDiT brochure in Adobe PDF format.