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This section provides brief information about the modules, showing the skills covered, together with all the downloadable material for this resource.

The first two modules are aimed at A level students, while Modules 3 and 4 progress to a more complex level that would be appropriate to introductory undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, in the evaluation phase of this project, some A level students did undertake all six modules without a problem. Modules 5 and 6 act as general guides to finding and investigating data and documentation on the UK Data Archive site.

Module 1 Tracking Crime: Police Recorded Crime Figures, Trends and Reasons for Change

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Module 2 Theories About Crime: Public Perceptions of Crime Rates

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There is also an appendix to Module 2 for politics and government students which looks at UK party policy on crime.

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Module 3 Gathering Evidence: How to Investigate Crime Statistics

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Module 4 Examining Evidence: How to Interrogate Crime Statistics

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There is a separate appendix to Module 4, which looks at statistical significance and also shows how to use NSDstat to investigate this.

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Module 5 Searching For Evidence: Sources of Crime Data

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Module 6 Browsing And Analysing Evidence: A Guide to Using Nesstar

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Tutor Guide

A guide on suggested ways to use the modules in a learning environment.

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Resources Pack

This is the pack that accompanies the CD-ROM. The version below excludes the modules and glossary (downloadable separately above).

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