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Accessing Databases (NSDstat)

Accessing Databases (Other)


NSDstat (with British Crime Survey 2000)

As part of the resources, we have made available a special version of NSDstat, that will allow you to use the British Crime Survey 2000 on you own computer. Please note that the software will only allow you to run the supplied dataset on a Windows based computer.

NSDstat download and installation instructions

Please note that for instructions on how to download and use NSDstat on a server, you must refer to the teachers guide.

NSDstat as an executable
NSDstat as zip

The first version is an executable file - you may not be allowed to download this version if your institution prevents downloading of this type of file. In that case we also provide the file in a zipped file.

1) Click on one of the links to download the file. Make a note of where you downloaded the file (e.g. your desktop). If you downloaded the zip file then unzip the file first before moving onto instruction 2.

2) Double click the bcs2000.exe icon (from where you downloaded/unzipped it to). You will see the following screen.

NSDstat install picture

3) Click Next to the see the next dialog box.

NSDstat install picture

4) You may change the location of the install from the default of C:\Program Files\NSDstat to whereever you wish, you may have a personal student area or drive (e.g. S:\StudentID) that you wish to use instead. You may prefer to choose this as this means that any changes you make to the data will be saved to your personal area. Once you have made your decision, click Next.

NSDstat install picture

5) NSDstat will then install on your machine, if it is sucessful, you will see the following dialog box.

NSDstat install picture

6) You have finished installing NSDstat. To run the program, simply click Start -> Programs -> NSDstat -> Data Explorer, this will automatically open up the British Crime Survey 2000 dataset. (please note that the Data Builder option on the menu will not work as we have given you a special version of NSDstat.