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This project was funded under the JISC Exchange for Learning Programme (X4L). First, we would like to thank Andy Wroe, former project officer and Ian Levinson, teacher at the Colchester Sixth Form College, for drafting much of the content of the introductory modules, and in Ian’s case, evaluating the resources with his own students. We would like to further acknowledge: the project Steering Committee for their input and expert advice; the teachers and tutors who advised on drafting and evaluating the resources; and the support of the UK Data Archive, in particular Anne Etheridge and Claire Flaxton for their work in helping promoting the project, and those staff who helped evaluate the web resources. Also thanks to Eric Tanenbaum in the Department of Government for his input into the final data analysis sections of the resources. Finally, we would like to thank Susan Eales, X4L Programme Manager for her unwavering enthusiasm and support throughout the project, and Philip Butler from RSC London for helping us get rolling with approaching FE networks.

Louise Corti, Jon Mulberg, Nadeem Ahmad and Jack Kneeshaw, SDiT X4L Project Team, July 2004


The photographs of Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair in Module 1 are Crown copyright and are used with the permission of Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland. If you wish to use these in another publication you should refer to the HMSO ( All other material may be reproduced and used in other publications with appropriate acknowledgement. See the section 'Using the SDiT resources in your teaching' on page 14 of the Tutor Guide.